March 8, 2019

Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019

A web designer in a nutshell is an individual who develops material for the web. In this digital era, establishing a captivating web presence is crucial. The design of your website alludes to your brand. Potential clients will not spend the time to check out your content if they do not find your website aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, every business needs individuals with great web design skills to help them in achieving the intended business goals by leveraging the use of the Internet.

Baseline Importance
of Web Design

  • Ranking
    on search engines (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is on the mind of every business. This is literally getting your web page listed on the very first page of any search engine, Google being the most popular. You and I know that if you don’t find something on the first page of Google, it probably doesn’t exist. Rarely do people ever go looking on page 2 and beyond.

Web design when correctly applied is able to assist a business to rank highly on search engines. This is however only possible if the code that was used while designing the page is SEO friendly. There is grueling competition in terms of SEO and if web design can give a business an upper hand, I strongly suggest that you take it.

  • Outwitting
    the Competition

More often than not, in a certain industry, it is most likely that there is barely any differentiating factor among the companies. The website is where the magic happens. A great web designer has the capacity to redefine the parameters and place one company miles ahead of the rest in the minds of the consumers. It’s said winning isn’t everything but it sure feels good and everyone likes associating with the winning team. Web design can definitely make you the winning team.

  • Functionality

Is there a person in this world who likes to struggle? Life
in itself is a real maze. Your website could have the highest quality available
but if the intended consumers are unable to navigate with ease, then your web
designer has absolutely missed the point. The web designer should have an
intuitive understanding of the potential consumers’ needs. This will propel the
designer into creating a website that optimizes the customer experience. So if
your website right now has the best content but low traffic and even lower
conversion rates, you might need to relook its functionality.

Web Design Skills in
Demand in 2019

A well-seasoned web designer will alleviate your stress,
well at least a huge chunk of it. On top of the baseline needs that web design
should cover, an individual with great web design skills should be able to add
immeasurable value to your business. The individual should in the least
incorporate some of these skills listed below;

  1. Programming Skills

We have just discussed the absolute madness that is
competition in this digital era. It is of paramount importance that the web
design has understanding of the web development languages. There are a host of
languages but there are some that are crucial and a serious web designer should
have some degree of knowledge in;

  • HTML

This is the language that is used to make internet pages visible. Basically, it is what makes the internet pages something fascinating to look at. The importance of a web designer learning this language cannot be reiterated enough. The skills it gives are priceless.

  • CSS

Now CSS works hand in hand with HTML. It is the coding
language used for illustrating the presentation once the web designer has
written the code using HTML. This program essential determines the whole
outlook of the website.

  • JavaScript

This is single-handedly the most popular language. In addition to that, it is also the dominating language on the internet, rendering it absolutely vital for anyone who wants to work on the internet. Any web developer looking at their role with a long-term lens should know Javascript.

  • Live Chat Automation Skills.

Remember when we spoke about outwitting competition. This one right here is one of the tricks to do this. Statistics show that more than 30% of consumer expect live chat when they visit your website. Numbers don’t lie. I’m certain that we can agree on that. In this era, if your website lacks a live chat, your consumers are missing out on brand experience that your competitors will most likely capitalize on. This is one of the web design skills that is a complete necessity to have in 2019.

  • Graphic Design Skills

When you read the definition of graphic design,
it immediately becomes evident that a web designer will want to possess these
skills. It is described as undertaking problem-solving by using typography,
photography and illustration. It inevitably increases the marketability of the
web designer and empowers them to be a utility player in a team.

  • Web Server Management Skills

These skills involve accessing the back-end of the website. It is important for a web designer to have these skills even if not at an expertise level. This will greatly assist in them having the requisite knowledge needed to solve problems such as website downtime as and when they occur.

  • Responsive Design Skills

Statistics placed the ownership of smartphones to be a little over 36% of the world’s population in the year 2018. Today, more than half of searches in the U.S. are conducted using a mobile device. This just goes to show that a lot more people have access to a smart phone than a desktop. Which makes it an obvious case to state that any prudent web designer would have responsive design skills. This skill enables the web designer to optimize the website such that it will still be accessible over a phone.

  • UI Design Skills

Functionality is what keeps your consumers coming back to
your website and eventually converting to sales. The user interface must be
friendly to the consumers. Navigation should be seamless, the correlation of elements
throughout the page should be well thought out and the web designer should have
a distinguishable call to action buttons that will propel the users to do what
you would like them to do.

  • Soft Skills

It is always said that technical skills can get you the job, but the soft skills will keep you there. For a web designer, soft skills should not be overlooked. They should be able to exhibit pro-active behavior, operate in a setting that encourages team work, observe timeliness when carrying out their activities and communicate. They are a vital part of the business and having attributes that make it easy to work with them is absolutely crucial.

In Conclusion.

Whether you are the client or the web designer, this article has deeply delved into the web design skills that are in high demand in 2019. With this authority, I hope the intricacies of web design have been thoroughly broken down for your understanding.

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Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019 Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019 Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019 Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019 Web Design Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2019

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