February 18, 2019

Free Fonts on the Reg: FontBundles is a Must-Bookmark

Free fonts are fun, right?

You bet they are.

Not only do free fonts help professional designers stock their collections, but they’re some of the best tools for hobbyists or people who don’t want to spend much money for their small projects.

That’s why the free fonts from FontBundles are so cool.

font examples

At the time of this post the website has 26 free fonts for you to choose from. You’ll notice a few expired fonts towards the bottom of the page, so the free fonts page is constantly updated with new options. That’s why we recommend bookmarking the page and checking back in from time to time. This way, you’ll have a consistent flow of free fonts for your use.

We wanted to take a look at the overall FontBundles interface to decide whether or not it’s worth your time, and after playing around with it for quite some time we’ve discovered it’s a pretty impressive site. In fact, the free fonts area is a mere bonus for the multitude of items they have scattered throughout the site. But the best part is the PUA Encoding, which we’ll talk about below.

Examples of Current Free Fonts







Hot Deals

Hot Deals





What We Like About the Font Bundles Website

The free fonts page is pretty darn awesome, especially considering you know that the future has more to provide in terms of stocking your library with cool, and updated, fonts. However, what else is on the FontBundles site that can help your business out?

To start, the navigation bar offers a decent look into what you can find. For example, searching for a font is done through the large search bar at the top. So if a friend tells you about a hot new font, it only takes a second to find it. In addition, the company has new fonts and bundles. The new fonts will give you an idea of what’s hot on the market right now, while the bundles are generally more affordable for designers with lots of jobs on their plates.


I also enjoy that the fonts are broken up into categories. It’s not always the case that you can browse through fonts like this, but the FontBundles website includes categories such as:

  • Regular
  • Script
  • Logo
  • Foreign
  • Symbols
  • Other Fonts

PUA Encoded Fonts

As you may notice when scrolling through some of the free fonts, a blue check mark sometimes resides right next to a font thumbnail. This means that the font is PUA Encoded. The majority of the fonts I’ve looked at on the site have this check mark, and it essentially means that the most popular software is compatible with the font. This is not always the case when you find fonts online, so you may end up having trouble manipulating a font in your own software. It’s clear that FontBundles is leading the charge is ensuring that all font creators make their fonts as compatible as possible. This expands the number of people who can actually utilize the fonts, while also improving the community for everyone.

Click here to learn more about PUA Encoded Fonts.

Downloading a Font

Some font websites (especially the free ones) are littered with ads, popups, complicated usage details and misleading information about how to download fonts. That’s not the case with FontBundles, since you basically just click on the font you want to download and a simple download page is provided. The free fonts tell you exactly when the deal expires, while the paid options display a price.

product page

A description is generally included to explain what the font is best used for, and then Download and Share buttons are there for your own use. The only step you have to take is to signup for a FontBundles account, but all you need is an email and password.

Pricing When You Find a Great Font That Isn’t Free

Obviously most people going to a site like FontBundles are going to want to see what other solutions are available for their projects. Typography is such a huge part of making a website, email or even something like a mobile app, so it’s wise to not only look at the free items. Therefore, I searched around a bit to see what the pricing was like for some of the fonts and bundles.

When browsing through the New Fonts page, the majority of the initial listings are marked at around $10. Some of them start at $9, while others go all the way up to $16.

You’ll also find some more complex fonts for $49 or $60. It’s clear that it completely depends on the type of font you want to download, but you do have the option for some lower prices if you desire. Besides the free fonts, I personally feel that the bundles are the best deal. This is similar to the Free Fonts page where the FontBundles company updates it with new bundles.

Right now the lowest price is at $10, and that’s for a package called the summer sale. The highest price right now is $29, and that’s for the Summer Font Bundle. The reason these bundles are so great is because they give you all sorts of fonts in a single category. For example, you may find a bundle that’s just for celebrations, like weddings, or maybe you’re looking for a decent amount of fonts that focus on calligraphy.

In Conclusion

Overall, the FontBundles website has plenty of options for you to browse through and consider for your next project. You shouldn’t have any problems locating a font based on a category, and the download process is pretty simple. The standout feature is the marking of PUA Encoded fonts, since you’re far better off going with a font that’s compatible with all design tools. Not to mention, the majority of the fonts in the database are PUA encoded, so it’s not like you’ll have to sift through ones that aren’t.

Feel free to check out the FontBundles free collection here, and drop a line in the comments section if you have any questions about FontBundles.

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